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November 7, 2009

See What’s Coming Soon!


What’s being worked on:

I’m working on a new series that will discuss some of the most controversial and denominationally dividing issues; issues that, if we read Scripture correctly, would have no quarrel. Some topics are:

  • The Trinity/ Oneness argument
  • A short(er) summary on the timing & placement of the rapture. (See also the article Will There Be A Rapture?)
  • Baptism: Water vs. Spirit
  • Tongues- Types & Uses in the Church
  • Dependability on the Bible- Literal, Metaphorical, or False?
  • As always, the fight between Creationism and Evolution marches on. I will provide a list and summary of more evidence that the earth is young, not million of years old. (See also the article The Evolutionary Lie: Biblical Reality Proved)

As always, I’m researching and working on my book, Confessions and Professions. In the book, I examine the gifts of speech and language, and their impacts on our lives both physically and spiritually.


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