My name, obviously, is Justin Lessard. I am a devoted father, husband, minister, missionary and servant. My passion is for the serving of youth, both locally and abroad, as well as a specific calling toward the peoples of Kenya, in eastern Africa. I journeyed there on a 2006 mission trip, and returned to the Maasai area in the summer of 2009. More on that can be seen here: (The Mission- What will you do? Mission- Kenya, August ‘09. (Read this letter.) ) and Facebook pages at  (Note: If you request me as a friend on myspace or Facebook, let me know that you saw me here, so I accept you.) Please also take time to check out for info and tools for teen & youth ministry, mentorship, etc.

I began this blog as a way to not only express myself, but also to bring to light some of the things that don’t quite get enough attention. It is my intention to be as impartial as possible, while maintaining my core beliefs and faith, and being just in such things that are, at times, controversial. I will, of course, lean to the side that is supported by God’s Word, the Bible. Using that as the focal point for what is right and what is just, this blog is open to comments, questions, and conversation. I have given allowance for anyone to comment, even without signing up. I will delete anything I deem as hateful, course, or unnecessarily rude. It is not my intention to promote any specific group or organization, unless I specifically say that they have my backing. With that in mind, I welcome and encourage  comments of anyone from any background and of any belief. I thoroughly support the emboldening of comments and thoughts to be expressed here. Now, get reading!


11 Responses to “About Justin and this Blog”

  1. Kelli Says:

    Just wanted to let you know that I was here! Love in Christ!

  2. naylor121 Says:

    Thanks for taking time to comment my blog. I’m actually going to spend two weeks in Kenya at the beginning of December, so keep me in your prayers as well.

  3. Nancy Ahrens Says:

    I’m so excited for you Justin. You will be in our prays for safe journey and your love for Jesue will be evident in your ministry to the unbelievers.
    God Bless!

  4. Doug Hicks Says:

    Humans who do not conform to God’s salvation plan
    (i.e. unbelievers) are consigned to terrible torment
    in hell for eternity. There are many different
    graphic descriptions of how terrible hell and the
    lake of fire are.

    For unbelievers to be separated from God for eternity
    is totally understandable, but for God to punished
    any human for all of eternity in such a place as hell
    is difficult to understand.

    The question is: How could a loving God who treaches
    us to be loving, merciful, compassionate, forgiving,
    etc. send any humans to such a place — especially
    when it must be considered that their sinful
    condition (natural-born inclination) was inherited?

  5. justinlessard Says:

    An excellent question! And perhaps the most fought over argument about God’s character. Let me first summarize the question: How can a loving God send people to hell? I appreciate the fact that you recognize the nature of our inherent sinfulness, as well as the fact that hell isn’t just one big party, but is in fact pure torture. Here’s what I will do: Rather than give you a few clichéd responses, I will write an article on this to answer you fully. I will research to give you chapter and verse from the Bible. I would rather you hear what God says on the subject than any church’s formula of an answer or some random sassy retort. Look for it soon; I will try to have it up in the next day or two.
    Again, thanks for your question and always feel free to ask more.

  6. Doug Hicks Says:

    To continue … do you agree that we have to also consider the passages in John 6 and John 17, which
    say that no one can come to Jesus (believing in Him for salvation) unless Father God draws him, and those
    who are drawn are never cast out nor lost? So again
    we have the age-old problem of trying to reconcile
    Calvinism and Armenianism.

  7. i been been taugh in the
    pre-trip, i don;t see it now
    thank you for your input can you send me anythig
    that help me

  8. Judy Nielsen Says:

    Justin, I found you on a Google search in my own study of end times. I have recently started doubting the whole pre-millennial rapture theory but still haven’t decided what I think is the correct theory. That being said, can you direct me to some good resources on debating the pre trib rapture thinking when they site the verses about Israel being God’s chosen people and His covenant with them being everlasting. It seems that by not lining up with pre trib rapture thinking, it means to some, that we are throwing Israel under the bus. I sure would appreciate your thoughts on this.

    Thank you.

    Judy Nielsen

  9. justinlessard Says:

    There is a lot of discussion on end times at, check these pages out:
    Read Points 30, 47-49, 51, 52, 54 & 81.
    Check out some of the free downloads from the prophecy club about the subject. Heres a link:
    The second one has a lot on the truth about the rapture, the first link here has a couple on the tribulation.

  10. Barbara Hayes Says:


  11. donna henard Says:

    GOD bless you!!–I’ve been looking for detailed info on the significance of numbers in scripture for awhile for a class I teach in prison as a volunteer. Very Good !
    May I ask in the future for your imput on other scriptural subjects? How would I do that?


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